Slip-Resistance Testing

There are many different slip-resistance testing standards. The proliferation of standards creates confusion by consumers of slip-resistance testing services. This often results in consumers of these services having the wrong tests performed. High EH&S Consulting offers independent slip-resistance testing using several different methods depending on the application.

The testing method we use meets ASTM-F2508 which is a validation standard for tribometers. The English XL tribometer (Previously approved as ASTM-F1679) was the first to demonstrate compliance with this standard. We believe that this test method is the most reliable for evaluating the actual hazard presented by a working or walking surface. In addition to using an English XL, we also have available a Mark II (Previously approved as ASTM F1677). This unit is similar to the English XL except that it uses a large test foot and is based on gravity for its operation vs. compressed gas. We also conduct the ASTM C-1028 test. This is a drag sled test that was developed by the ceramics industry. The test over-states the wet slip-resistance of a floor, but it is none-the-less used by many building standards and many manufacturers to show that their product is safe. If you are a manufacturer of a material, equipment or floor product which individuals will walk on we can assist in assessing the liability risk as well as the level of compliance to standards for slip-resistance.

We have tested roof felt and roof synthetic coverings, pavement cover markings, wood flooring, ceramic flooring, VCT flooring, terrazzo, polished natural stone flooring, treatment products, cleaners, glass flooring, concrete flooring, fabric walking covers, fabric tent material, playground equipment, emergency services flooring and even a conveyor belt system for use at a major Florida theme park ride and a host of other materials. We can assist you in determining which slip-resistance test method may be the best for your application.

If you operate a facility and are concerned about the potential for slips and falls on flooring surfaces, we can assist in evaluating your floor system to determine if it complies with ADA and other code specifications. We have provided testing services for major league sports venues including baseball and football stadiums.

If you are a manufacturer of footwear, we have provided evaluative services and comparative slip-resistance resistance studies involving shoe materials and have provided consultation on general tread pattern designs to reduce slip and fall risk. We have also provided evaluative and expert witness services related to slip and fall events in legal proceedings. We have provided testing services for casinos, hotels, office buildings and other facilities visited by the public for both loss prevention and expert witness support. The company principal completed his MS research thesis on tribometry.


Steven High, MS, CSP, CXLT for more information on slip-testing evaluations.

Pre-Opening C-1028 Testing at the Phillies Stadium.

Product evaluation using Mark II.

Special application with sand as contaminant using English XL.