Safety Committee Support

Studies have shown that effective safety committees can reduce accidents by as much as 52%. Ineffective safety committees however, can reduce morale, increase the liability of the organization, and waste time and money.


We can assist you in establishing a committee, training the members, and creating an effective process. Further, Pennsylvania companies can certify their committee to obtain a 5% discount on their worker's compensation insurance premium for every year the committee is in place (PA Act 52). High EH&S's consultants are recognized in Pennsylvania as "Qualified Accident and Illness Prevention Providers". We are qualified to provide initial training and on-going training for Certified Committees.

Certified Committees MUST be trained on an annual basis by a qualified provider.

Topics of the training are adjusted to your committee's needs through a needs assessment in the early stages of training. Topics covered include:

Purpose of a Safety Committee; Committee Organization and Procedures; Interaction with Co-workers; Documentation Requirements; Pitfalls Problem Resolution Process; Inspection Procedures & Specific Hazard Awareness; Accident Investigation Techniques and other specific topics. Committee training ranges from 4 to 8 hours.


We can act as an expert member of your committee. Often, safety committees spend a lot of time attempting to re-discover the wheel. Because our team is well-versed in the OSHA requirements and typical methods for addressing safety and health issues, we can help to keep committees on track and to be more efficient by bringing proven methods and techniques to the committee's attention. Sometimes committees generate solutions which pose other safety and health risks, violate OSHA standards or are proven to be ineffective based on current research. By including a High EH&S team member as a standing member of your committee, many of these pitfalls can be avoided.


Trying to improve the effectiveness of your Committee?

Ask us about the safety committee effectiveness index. This simple process involves all committee members and provides scores in a number of different aspects of committee operations. The index results will help the Committee understand their strengths and opportunities for improvement. It also provides a benchmark against which the committee can measure its progress. We also specialize in helping existing committees "re-charge". By reviewing the committee's operations and minutes we are able to suggest modifications and changes which can help move the group forward with greater effectiveness and engagement.