Program Development

A good loss control program requires comprehensive and effective policies and programs. In addition to the written programs required by the OSHA standards, policies addressing the control of all significant potential exposures in an organization should be developed. HSCSL can review your existing policies or develop an entire safety program for your organization. Some of the most common OSHA violations involve missing written programs. We can provide complete safety and health programs or individual, focused policies. We can also provide specialized safety plans for specific high-hazard operations.

There are two approaches to program development.

A) We need a safety program, NOW. We can assist in putting together a written program which will meet the OSHA requirements based on the work that you perform. A program that is developed on short notice will be more generic and is likely not to be implemented effectively. This request is most often received to address a site, regulatory or client requirement.

B) We need a safety program. We prefer to work with you in developing individual program elements based on your needs and then implementing the programs as they are developed to assure that organizational changes and training is provided to achieve an effective implementation.

The process we typically use is to meet with you to discuss the range of activities and exposures your organization faces. We work together to define the regulatory requirements which must be included in your program. Next we develop a draft document which is reviewed by the client. Edits and changes are made as determined to be appropriate and a final version is produced. High EH&S Consulting can assist in indoctrination of the new program through training and support.

Some of the most common written programs which OSHA requires include:

  • Lockout Tagout - Control of Hazardous Energy
  • Hazard Communication - Right-to-Know
  • Electrical Safety Work Practices
  • Fall Protection for non-traditional fall protection.
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Fire Prevention Plan (for some applications)
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Confined Space Entry Program
  • Accident Prevention Program (Construction)
  • Specific Chemical Hazards Programs
  • Chemical Hygiene Lab Safety Program


IsNetworld is a contractor evaluation program. Many large organizations have established participation in this system as a requirement to perform work in their facilities. The program requires the contractor to respond to a host of questions regarding their safety and health programs as well as provide copies of procedures and policies for verification. These submitals are graded and this information is made available to the host / contracting site. A poor score is likely to result in being ineligible for work opportunities. We can assist in developing written programs and procedures to meet the IsNetWorld specifications.


The Army Corps of Engineers has a separate regulation which applies to contractors performing work. These rules are more extensive than the OSHA regulations and meeting these requirements can be challenging for even the best companies. We have assisted organizations in developing site-specific plans, policies and addressing ACE requirements. We can also provide site placements of safety and health professionals which meet the requirements of the EM-385 regulations.