UV RF Non-Ionizing Radiation

High EH&S Consulting can assist your organization in evaluation and control of non-ionizing radiation sources. We maintain equipment which allows us to measure various non-ionizing forms of energy. Non-ionizing energy involves wavelengths which are not thought to be able to cause cell-level mutations and therefore are not likely to result in carcinogenicity, however these effects continue to be studied. Various forms of exposure to non-ionizing energy can occur to those working near microwaves, radio tower transmitters, germicidal UV-C lamps, electrical systems, RF glue sealing systems and a range of other activities.

We can evaluate employee exposures through calculation of exposures or by monitoring exposures and making recommendations regarding operations to help reduce exposures which are above recognized standards. When testing for non-ionizing radiation, considerations as to the near-field and far-field measurements must be determined and electric as well as magnetic fields may need to be assessed depending on the frequencies of the source.