Construction Inspections

Construction Site Inspections

High EH&S Consulting provides on-going safety monitoring services for construction sites to help identify non-compliance and potential safety risks. For a reasonable fee, our consultants will regularly visit your construction site (weekly or monthly). After a walk through we review our findings with the site supervisor. The supervisor obtains a written summary report as does the home office. This service not only serves to monitor the work site, but it also provides the supervisor with a safety education during the review process. We can also numerically rate (1-5) the level of safety at the site. Some companies use this rating as a method to track site supervisor safety effectiveness and/or rewards for site performance. More formal construction site inspections can be performed with a comprehensive typed report and itemized recommendations for correction.

Facility owners, general contractors, and sub-contractors wishing to monitor site safety will find great value in this service by reducing OSHA liability and exposure to the public as well as their employees.