Quarries (surface mines) and underground mines are regulated by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). MSHA increased its presence in the world of contractors a number of years ago when it introduced Part 48 and Part 46 requirements which specify particular training content to be provided to new miners. New miners definition also included contractors working on the site of a mine, requiring that contractors be trained.

MSHA also has a number of other safety and health regulations, like OSHA, which address primary hazards in the industry. Specific hazards include conducting dust and silica surveys as required in 30 CFR 56.5002 and noise surveys as required in 30 CFR 62.110.

High EH&S Consulting can provide assistance to mine operations in the following ways:

                • General Safety and Health Consulting / Guidance
                • Air Quality Monitoring
                • Noise Surveys
                • Part 46 / Part 48 Compliance Training