High EH&S Consulting is registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a government contractor. We have provided services to the state as well as various counties, cities and municipalities. We have provided a wide range of services for governmental entities ranging from broad loss control, training and specific problem resolution.

Featured Projects:

High EH&S Consulting provided a fall protection concept plan for the U.S. San Francisco Mint which also had historical impact constraints.

High EH&S Consulting was called to resolve a complaint during a construction project under the structure of the U.S. Pentagon. The project had been shut down due to indications that over-exposures to exhaust gasses were being exceeded. We determined that the exposure was from an interference gas which was not as toxic as the one being indicated. Modification of the ventilation design allowed workers to go back to work.

High EH&S Consulting assisted with the training of the Army National Guard at various locations with an in-depth 3-day Confined Space Entry program for maintenance staff entry into combat aircraft fuel cells including Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters.

High EH&S Consulting conducted a VPP readiness audit for the US Army National Guard site to help provide guidance in preparatory actions for re-inspection by the OSHA VPP team.

High EH&S Consulting provided asbestos audits and chemical exposure consultation assistance to Veteran's Administration Healthcare Facilities.