Slip Resistance Testing Research Activities

High EH&S conducted research on sticktion. The test involved the use of a hydraulic actuated drag sled which actuated within 16ms. (The fastest actuating drag sled ever constructed). The device was used to test the sticktion forces by lifting the test foot vertically and measuring the sticktion component. This device was then mounted horizontally and the test foot was pulled horizontally to determine the slip-resistance. The residence time is determined automatically with electronic timers. The intent of this study was to determine if a correlation exists between residence time and sticktion. Secondly, the test hoped to determine if a drag-sled sticktion can be corrected by subtracting the vertical adhesion measurement.

Summary of the Findings

Sticktion was not avoided with a 16ms residence time.

Sticktion was observed in wet testing.

Contrary to earlier studies, sticktion was not a function of residence time in this study. 

The vertical force components were too small to measure with the test apparatus as constructed.