Safety & Health Links 

Below are some safety and health links that we find to be helpful in our work.  If you have a suggestion for a link, let us know.  We do not reciprocate links based on posting links of our web-site.  Each link listed is here because we feel it has specific value to safety and health professionals, including our staff.

    Business & Trade Organization Links

    Safety Links
        The Research arm of OSHA under Health & Human Services    

    Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health Links
         Non-US Based Exposure Limit Information

    Laboratory Links
    Bio-marker & Toxicological / Internal Dose References
           CDC's NHAMES biennial - National Report on Human Exposure to Chemicals
           Agency for Toxic Substance & Disease Registry Toxic Chemical Portal

     Epidemiology Statistics / Cancer Incidence / Prevalence Data

    Silica Resources
         See Small Entity Compliance Guides for Helpful Information

    Ergonomic References

    Technical Data & Chemical Information
        Multiple chemical database search from the National Library of Medicine
           Support for mass-casualty Incidents involving chemical releases

    Health Product Declaration (HPDs) Sources