Because emergencies don't wait for normal business hours, High EH&S has instituted an emergency contact system. In order to receive an immediate response in an emergency situation, please take the following steps:

IF AFTER HOURS: (After 5PM or Before 8AM):

Leave Name, Time of Contact, Brief Summary of Issue, Phone Number at the following locations:

1) Call Steve High at 717-293-4483 (LEAVE A MESSAGE with a contact phone number in voice mail).

2) Send an e-mail to shigh@high.net and lbolin@high.net with an urgent request

3) Call 717-669-4367 (cell) and LEAVE A MESSAGE

It is likely that one of these methods will reach us and we will be able to return your call within a few minutes to an hour.  We cannot promise an immediate response at all times, unless you have made special arrangements with us ahead of time.  If you are our client, we can provide a complete contact list of every consultant in our group.  We encourage our clients to include this listing in emergency planning documents, so that we can assist in the event of a workplace emergency.


1) Call our office number at 1-877-285-1129.  Leave a message if no one is available to take your call

2) Call 717-669-4367 (cell) and LEAVE A MESSAGE

3) Send an e-mail to shigh@high.net or lbolin@high.net with an urgent request

We will make every attempt to return your call as soon as possible. Once contact is made, we can assess your situation, provide guidance and dispatch personnel based on the needs. Please note that emergency response and consultation may be invoiced at higher rates.  

(All responses are subject to the availability of consultants at the time of the request.)

"Because emergencies don't wait for normal business hours."