High Environmental Health & Safety Consulting continually takes applications of individuals who are interested in working with us. We are especially interested in individuals who are interested in project based work for construction monitoring or independent consultants with a current client base or individuals who have been successful in a consulting work environment. We also have numerous clients who are in the process of locating an EHS professional. Sometimes we assist with placements of individuals into other companies on a full-time basis. Because we continually take resumes, we cannot respond to all applications received. However, be assured we will review your credentials and experience. If we have a potential fit for you, we will contact you. We retain resumes for approximately six months for potential matching.  Feel free to re-submit your information regularly as new opportunities can develop at anytime.


Field Construction Safety Representatives

We are continually taking applications for individuals who have a solid knowledge of construction safety and health requirements under 29 CFR 1926 and have safety-construction-related experience of at least five years.  These positions may be long-term or short-term positions in which you will monitor the safety for a specific construction site on a day-to-day basis. Opportunities can arise quickly.  If you are seeking site safety monitoring employment, let us know and maintain an updated resume with us.  We cycle resumes every six months, so re-apply when you are interested in work opportunities. We require the completion of a safety knowledge test.  Written and verbal communication skills are needed. Travel or temporary relocation may be necessary for some positions. Submit resume directly to (Continual Post).

For information on other careers at the High companies or specific positions we are currently attempting to fill, visit our careers page.