About Us 

High Environmental Health & Safety Consulting Ltd., an affiliate of High Real Estate Group LLC and one of the
High® companies, provides a full complement of environmental health and safety (EHS) services and products to businesses and institutions throughout the United States. We are based in Pennsylvania, but we have provided services everywhere from California to Puerto Rico and most locations in between. We help manage the process of identifying health and safety issues, remediating them, and helping you communicate with your key audiences. We specialize in:
  • Safety training
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions 
  • Industrial hygiene & chemical exposure assessments
  • Illness clusters
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Noise surveys (Workplace / Environmental)
  • Safety products including AEDs
  • OSHA compliance
  • Risk communications
  • Emergency response readiness
  • Assessment of slip and fall risks
  • Statistical analysis of risk

While our geographic focus for high frequency services is within 2 hours of travel distance from our office in Lancaster, PA. we are often traveling throughout the United States assisting clients with a wide range of environmental health, safety and compliance issues.

If you are seeking assistance learn more about how to compare EH&S consulting services. 

Please call us toll-free at 877.285.1129, or email us any time.